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Who I am

 With life comes invaluable experience! A few major bumps in the road add to that wisdom and have left me with an amazing sense of empathy, compassion and mission to share my personal journey and exploration.The amount of proficiency I have now in health and wellness is unsurpassable compared to the knowledge I had over 30 years ago when I started Personal Training. I think outside the box and am passionate about being unconventional, unorthodox and to be strong in my convictions which I believe is a huge component as to why I am able to be this fit at my age. I 100% refuse to let age defy me!

I am honored to be able to empower, educate and inspire my clients to optimize their lives by sharing my passionate and unique methods. Vibrancy is such a motivating and lovely result.

Life handed me quite a few traumas that broke me down and left doctors scratching their heads as to what was the underlying cause. Our Western health system can be flawed in many ways so I had to set out to find out what could be the cause for me. As a person who came out of the womb being a geek and craving everything related to health and wellness, ate as perfectly as one could, very disciplined at my exercise and thought I did all the right things, how did I end up getting the carpet pulled right out from under my feet? The fatigue was unbearable and disabling. I could barely care for my children. I had huge edema all around my eyes and face. I tried to hide under a baseball cap 24/7. Not only did life get pulled out of me, I couldn't stand to look at myself.

My research and perseverance to get to the bottom of why I was experiencing this breakdown, which included high levels of heavy metals that were toxifying my system, high levels of mold were taking over and all this leads to a huge host of very disabling metabolic and neurological serious issues. 

Working out has been a way of life for me! I learned at a very young age that it is a great way to check out and deal with stress. And as much as I love an intense workout that's not always smart. When adrenals and cortisol are tapped it's virtually impossible to rid the body of deadly toxins (such as methylate) and “rebuild” and “balance” our mitochondria and autonomic nervous system. For some individuals, it can make them fat. This does not lead to being our most beautiful, healthy, vital, optimal self. This is one of the many reasons why I embrace and utilize the Biohacker space. It is generally a male dominated practice so I am a BiohackHer. I use the most up to date, efficacious modalities that are backed in research to optimize and protect my health. Taking years to learn and develop new insight and methods to health, anti aging and physical and mental strength. This is where I hold my special place in this quickly evolving industry. Amazing things that will definitely take you to the next level! It is life changing and sustainable and I teach this with passion to my clients. I value vitality, strength and mobility! It is a huge gift to be cherished! 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have developed the most advantageous methods as well as the years of mature wisdom, years of practice and mastery as it has allowed me to heal and lead me to my strongest self ever, in the gym, mind, body and spirit!

More life experience, about 10 years ago I decided to hire a few different trainers to check out my competition and I figured I can always learn. One of the trainers had me do a very unsafe move and I tore my ACL as he had me outdoors in Spring on ice. By the time I realized what he was doing it was too late. It was very unfortunate as it led to a Microfracture which is very severe and left me not being allowed to walk for two months. It was so mentally difficult to have that stripped from me. I have always relied on my workouts to deal with stress and keep me in a good place mentally and physically. I resorted to lifting dumbbells on one foot as that was the only way I could kick my butt with the intensity that I require and the upper bodybuilding inadvertently and unintentionally began. Once I learned to walk again and was 100%  cleared to workout again after taking an Athletic Training Recovery program ( I was with the young athletes who were rehabbing to get back on the field) which was incredibly beneficial and taught me so much. Again, life experience to pass on to my clients.

I have learned very powerful and very effective ways to stabilize and strengthen the legs. In the winter of 2019 I had a nasty slip on the ice that forced my knee into an extreme snap of an internal rotation and landed right onto my butt. I tore my ACL again. I was not in pain but I knew something was off. I saw three different Orthopedic Surgeons and all three said they would not do surgery because my legs are so strong and stable. They all said…”keep doing what you're doing, It's working and unbelievable!” I have been cleared to do all activities. I pride myself for knowing from my own experience how to train so efficiently for strength and stability.

I love and very much believe in the power of lifting weights as a must for our Fountain Of Youth. When done mindfully, intelligently and in the safest way, with a balance of intensity and recovery, with a purpose that leads to that vitality and optimization of wellbeing and happiness that allows one to be the very best version of themselves, physically, emotionally, cognitive, esthetics to name a few.It is maximum impact and anti aging at its finest.

I feel so honored that my clients say that I'm not only their Personal Trainer but their Life Coach because I hit every aspect of wellbeing. They say I am a hard core fitness inspiration with a deeper meaning. I am in deep gratitude that my life passions have and are making profound changes in my clients lives and their families.

This goes for able bodied and handicapped as well. I have been blessed to be trusted to train clients who compete in wheelchairs, paralyzed from the waist down all the way to clients that are blind. They come with zero excuses and are ready to make the best of themselves. Truly an inspiration to all. I LOVE what I do!!!

-Elise Redfield

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